The Rayvolt app that allows you

to trace and find your bike wherever it is.

What do you need?

Raytrack device

Add the Raytrack device as an accessory to your Rayvolt e-bike. This gadget includes a SIM card that will allow you to track your bike wherever it is.


Subscribe to activate the SIM card and GPS of your Raytrack device and get a payment plan.  Easy, confortable and reliable.

Raytrack app

Get the Raytrack app and install it in your smartphone. With the app features you can trace your bike and find it in any situation where it is.

Raytrack Device

Install the device on your bike to connect the mobile app.


Suscribe to activate and use the SIM card of Raytrack device.

Raytrack App

Download the app on GooglePlay Store or AppStore.

Subscribe to Raytrack

Subscribe to activate your Raytrack and forget problems associated to the location of your bike using the app on your mobile phone.

Manage and control the Raytrack features from your smartphone.

Access to maps and bike tracking.

Find it wherever it is.

Get Raytrack!